Get Vindicated!

Kick back the rug & get yer groove thing on to one of the area's hottest rockin' blues groups!  The Vindicators Band gets the party hoppin' with an energetic show packed with fan favorites and deep cuts.

Whether as a small combo or full six piece band,  we'll hit you with good time grooves that both shake your booty and heal your soul. The band has performed all over the Denver metro area and Colorado @ local festivals, venues and events.

Tuesday September 1st, 9-11:30
The Colorado Blues Dance at the Mercury Cafe



The Vindicators Band

Lincoln's Roadhouse, 1201 S Pearl St, Denver

The band is back at Lincoln's and ready to rock some blues & roots music into the night. Get on yer dancin' shoes and let's have some fun. Cya there!



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